PersDB 2013

7th International Workshop on

Personalized Access, Profile Management, and Context Awareness

in Databases

30th August, 2013 - Riva del Garda, Trento, Italy


The past decade produced a rich ecosystem of web sites that provide personalized access to (semi-)structured data: financial asset tracking and management sites, personalized news delivery services, and even customized web search engines are all but a few examples. A second wave of innovation has been fueled by the explosive growth of web platforms that enable rich online social interactions, such as online social networks, web communities, wikis, and mashups. These new applications go beyond personalized information access and dissemination.Users can now transcend their role of passive content consumers and engage in content creation, sharing, and various forms of online collaboration as well. This online collaboration has recently moved to the next level through crowdsourcing: applications that enable users to help other users in completing their tasks.

All aforementioned applications rely critically on user-centric data — such as profile data, preferences, activity logs, location, group memberships, and social connections — to provide a personalized experience, including personalized search results, personalized ads, product recommendations, coupons and so forth. Additionally, online social applications provide an unprecedented amount of user-contributed social and context data. The interconnected nature of personalized, social, and contextual data management problems as well as the fertile research ground these represent motivate a discussion on these problems within the database community. We need to obtain a common understanding of new challenges and to collaborate on the design of new models, algorithms, and systems for emerging applications. The PersDB 2013 workshop aims at providing the appropriate venue for discussion and debate of the relevant issues and at nurturing related future research and applications.


Contributions may describe original research, visionary work, practical experiences, novel applications, and evaluation studies. Relevant topics include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Modeling and profiling of personal, social, and contextual information
    • User and community modeling
    • User profiling and preference elicitation
    • Community discovery
    • Social network analysis
    • Context modeling and identification
    • Personal ontology modeling
    • Reputation and trust models
    • Social knowledge modeling
  • Personalized, social, and context-aware computing and applications
    • Personalization and recommendations
    • Personal data management
    • Information access and sharing techniques
    • Personalized mashups
    • Data management and organization in collaborative applications
    • Social reputation and recommendation systems
    • Online communities and social networking
    • Social computing
    • Reputation and trust management
    • Context-aware data management and processing
    • Privacy-aware computing
    • Intelligent browsing and navigation
    • Novel interfaces supporting user-generated content and social interaction
    • Evaluation methodologies and metrics
  • New database models and architectures
    • Personal and social databases
    • User-aware and context-aware data and query models
    • Data sharing and integration of access control policies
    • Adaptive database systems
    • Architectures for personalized privacy in databases
    • Multimodal ubiquitous environments
    • Context-aware system architectures
    • Crowdsourcing information retrieval and search


This workshop's objective is to create a forum where novel, visionary, or even groundbreaking ideas will be presented, discussed, and debated. To this direction, we encourage authors to submit vision, system, original research, practical experience or position papers that are not being considered for publication in any other forum. Papers submitted should be at most six (6) pages long. Papers should be submitted electronically as PDF files and be formatted using the VLDB format. Detailed formatting instructions and samples are available here:

VLDB Guidelines

The online submission site is Easychair

Paper Submission Deadlines

Paper Submission Deadline: 3rd June, 2013 10th June, 2013

Notification of Acceptance: 24th June, 2013 15th July, 2013

Camera ready Deadline: 22nd July, 2013 25th July, 2013


Yannis Ioannidis(University of Athens, Hellas)
Georgia Koutrika(HP Labs, USA)
Barbara Carminati(University of Insubria, Italy)
Pankaj Mehra(Whodini)
Sylvie Cazalens(University of Nantes)
Eelco Herder(L3S Research Center)
Mohamed Mokbel(University of Minnesota)
Georgios Paliouras(NCSR Demokritos)
Gabriella Pasi(Università degli Studi di Milano Bicocca)
Dimitris Pierrakos(NCSR Demokritos)
Evaggelia Pitoura(University of Ioannina)
Mohamed Sarwat(University Of Minnesota)
Heiko Schuldt(University of Basel)
Andrey Simanovsky(HP Labs Russia)
Kostas Stefanidis(Institute of Computer Science at FORTH)
Letizia Tanca(Politecnico di Milano)
Shu Tao(IBM T.J.Watson Research Center)
Alexander Ulanov(HP Labs Russia)
Min Xie(University of British Columbia)
Panos Chrysanthis(University of Pittsburgh)
Markus Endres(University of Augsburg)
Anastasios Arvanitis(University of California, Riverside)
Davide Albertini(University of Insubria, Italy)


Extended Deadline to 10th June

Maurice Hendrix Keynote Announcement

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